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Christina Hughey first joined the staff of Macedonia FACE in 2009. With an educational background in Psychology, before coming to FACE, Christina taught children in a private school. She recognized that youth from families that were experiencing challenges and hardships often struggled to learn. She decided that working directly with the whole family at an organization like FACE would be more impactful. Christina serves as the supervisor of FACE’s Ryan White and Adult Services Case Management programs.


Christina’s favorite thing about her job is seeing clients get connected and engaged in the community. Macedonia FACE’s wholistic approach allows her to not just see a consumer from the lens of a diagnosis, but to assist them in whatever areas of life they want support. Our consumers who are HIV+ have often not felt very connected or welcome when seeking support and she knows that they experience something different -real care and compassion - at FACE. 


Christina is busy this month with the logistics of setting up groups for the HIV+ consumers. She loves the client outreach and the opportunity to provide information about nutrition and mental health, while seeing consumers make meaningful peer to peer connections. 


Tinisha Hunt, Macedonia FACE’s Chief Executive Officer, describes Christina as a humble servant leader. Tinisha says, “Christina has a deep knowledge of available community resources and maintains strong connections with community partners. She listens to our consumers with empathy and is able to build trusting relationships with them so that they can engage with those resources.”


Christina is proud to work at FACE and she believes that FACE is unique in its broad service array. She knows that FACE stands out in the community as different and she often hears consumers say that they called other places and didn’t get a response or wasn’t able to get what they needed, but that FACE was able to step in quickly to help.


When she’s not working, Christina enjoys watching old movies and sitcoms, reading and writing. 


Macedonia FACE is blessed to have a strong, passionate leader like Christina Hughey!

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