What is Your WHY? features Justin LeWinter at Macedonia FACE. Join us in celebrating Justin for his invaluable contributions to the team!

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Read Justin's full quote:
"I have a close relationship with my 95 year old grandmother who is still very active and lives independently in NYC. We talk weekly and during the pandemic she was homebound for her safety. As a member of her local senior center she started receiving Meals on Wheels which was a godsend as she doesn’t drive and had limited access to food. The past few years she has also gained technology skills which have allowed her to attend religious services and be a part of family Zoom calls. To be able to lead the team at FACE and make the lives of older adults better is what gets me out of bed in the morning. Macedonia FACE is always responding to the needs of the community and creates opportunities for others to lead healthy and fulfilled lives. I’m honored and humbled to be of service to the elders of the Hill District, to provide a wide range of resources, linkage to referrals, create opportunities for lifelong learning, and to advocate on their behalf."