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Our History

Macedonia Family and Community Enrichment Center (FACE), Inc., a community based outgrowth of Macedonia Church of Pittsburgh, PA, was founded in 1994.

In recognition of the needs of the community, the church under the visionary leadership of Pastor Emeritus Jason A. Barr, Jr., MDiv, created this 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation to strengthen and empower the community.

From 1997 to 2000, FACE was run by a volunteer Board of Directors. The primary programming consisted of short term projects and one-day events. FACE created summer youth employment opportunities and mentoring programs for young men. The events included a Fall Festival and Black History Month celebration.

In 2000, the board decided to move forward with ongoing programming to serve the community. During a time of financial distress in the city of Pittsburgh, Macedonia FACE was able to keep the Ammon Recreation Center open for families in the Hill District of Pittsburgh. FACE also provided a Freedom School that emphasized reading and math to the community for two summers and has provided HIV/AIDS education, outreach and testing to the community.

In 2009 the Board of Directors of Macedonia FACE worked to develop and implement a strategic plan aimed at rekindling and revamping services and programs. As a result, the governance committee of the board recruited several new board members who offered a diversity of skills and renewed commitment to provide quality services to the community.

In September 2010, a search committee was formed to recruit and hire a new Chief Executive Officer Trisha M. Gadson to lead the organization. In 2012, Pastor Brian J. Edmonds, MDiv became the Senior Pastor of Macedonia Church of Pittsburgh and assumed his role as the energetic Chairman of the Board of Directors for Macedonia FACE. Shortly thereafter members of the board and staff participated in intensive capacity building efforts which resulted in a renewed organizational plan, expansion of services and a revitalized commitment to continue to serve the community.

In July 2019 Macedonia FACE added senior services to its service array to prevent a disruption of support in the Hill District and surrounding neighborhoods.

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