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Mental Health Wellness Coordinator - Full-Time

The Mental Health Wellness Coordinator is a central hub of the Informal Mental Health Supports Program. The goal of this program is to bring awareness and information to the community about mental health, to create programs and events that uplift the community well-being, and to be a bridge to assist individuals in assessing mental health services whenever they are needed.

This full-time position with Macedonia Family and Community Enrichment Center will engage the community to increase awareness about mental health and to create opportunities for individuals and families to be uplifted,

while supporting overall mental wellness. The Wellness Coordinator is responsible for working in the community to create events and activities that have wellness benefits for participants. The Coordinator will create a calendar of events, secure activity leaders for programs, develop event agendas that include opportunities for education and skill building.


  • Create and organize community activities and events that provide the opportunity for individuals and families to increase their wellbeing through information and activities that center mental health and wellness.

  • Identify and engage activity leaders with expertise in activity areas such as drumming, quilting, genealogy, crafts/music, etc.

  • Research and create resource materials related to mental health for distribution.

  • Listen and gather information from the community about their views on mental health including benefits and barriers to inform program activities.

  • Develop creative ways to infuse wellness messages and skills into community led activities.

  • Engage and elicit conversations with community members around their own emotional wellbeing.

  • Collect and record data from program activities into consumer database for reporting.

  • Identify and refer individuals who may benefit from mental health screening to vetted resources (internal or external)

  • Participate in ongoing training, building knowledge and expertise especially in the areas of mental health, family, and community wellness.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in psychology, sociology, education, or other health related field

  • 3-5 years’ community engagement experience

  • Knowledge and/or experience working with mental health issues

  • Ability to use motivational interviewing techniques

  • Ability to work well with people of diverse social, cultural, and economic backgrounds

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite

  • Excellent communication/public speaking ability

  • Organizational skills, along with detail-orientation

  • Act 33, 34 and FBI clearances required

  • Valid PA driver’s license, clean driving record, insurance, and registration required


SALARY: $43,000 annually


All positions require satisfactory results of a background check and drug screen, as well as Act 33/34 and FBI fingerprint clearances. All employees will be subject to a probationary period of no less than 180 calendar days.


Because Macedonia FACE serves medically vulnerable consumers COVID-19 vaccination is required. Proof of vaccination is required within 45 days of hire. The company will consider accommodations for disability and religious-based reasons.

Macedonia FACE is an equal opportunity employer. We are always willing to utilize the skill sets of those who share our value of serving the community.

We partner with Acuity Human Resources, LLC for our recruitment and placement processes.  




Applicants should email a cover letter and resume to with the job title within the subject line.


Please direct all questions about job postings to


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